Rara Lake Tour Package

    Rara Lake Tour Package

    Duke Nepal is offering the best Rara Lake Tour Package. We are providing different options to our client to make their travel easy and comfortable.  Just Escape the ordinary and venture into the untouched wilderness of Nepal with our Rara Lake Overland Tour Package. This exclusive journey promises not just a destination, but a transformative experience as you traverse through picturesque landscapes of highway and Karnali, charming mountain village, and the serene beauty of Rara Lake.

    Tour Highlights:

    1. Overland Journey:
      • Kickstart your adventure with a scenic overland drive from Kathmandu to Koholpur on day first. Then days two and three are the major days to explore Karnali and the mountain settlement.
      • We can also go to Jumla as an additional tour. Spend a day exploring the cultural richness of Jumla. Wander through local markets, visit ancient temples, and engage with the friendly locals to get a taste of the region’s unique heritage. In mountain Settlements and rural mountain villages, Pine trees are major attractions of the tour.
    2. Picturesque Trek to Rara Lake:
      • After reaching by jeep at Rara or an hour’s flight to Talcha, trek towards Rara Lake, immersing yourself in the beauty of diverse landscapes. The overland journey allows you to witness the gradual change in terrain as you approach the pristine lake.
    3. Rara Lake Tranquility:
      • Marvel at the sheer beauty of Rara Lake, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and dense forests. Enjoy leisurely walks along the lakeshore, capture breathtaking photos, and savor the peace and tranquility that only nature can provide.
    4. Cultural Immersion:
      • Interact with local communities, including the Thakuri and Magar ethnic groups. Visit ancient monasteries and witness the unique blend of Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist cultures that define the region.
    5. Wildlife Encounters:
      • Explore Rara National Park, home to diverse flora and fauna. Keep an eye out for Himalayan wildlife, including red pandas and a variety of bird species, as you journey through this pristine natural habitat.
    6. Campfire Evenings:
      • Unwind each evening with a campfire by the lake. Share stories, indulge in local cuisine, and experience the warmth of Nepali hospitality under the starlit Himalayan sky.
    7. Return Overland Journey:
      • Conclude your adventure with an overland drive back to Kathmandu, reflecting on the memories created during this extraordinary overland journey.

    Rara Lake Jeep Tour Itinerary

    Day 1: Drive to Koholpur

    Day 2: Drive to Manma

    Day 3: Drive to Rara Lake and Overnight at Rara Lake

    Day 4: Full-day Rara Lake Explorations

    Day 5: Drive to Jumla and Back to Kalikot

    Day 6 : Manma to Surkhet

    Day 7: Drive to Kathmandu

    We can extend two nights more for our luxury tour to Bardia, Which is very famous for tiger hunting and safari activities.

    Rara Lake Flight Option.

    Day 1: Fly to Nepalgunj

    Day 2: Fly to Talch and 4 Hours trek to Rara Lake

    Day 3: Full-day Rara Lake Explorations

    Day 4: Fly Back to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj


    • Duration: 7 Days
    • Overland Transportation: Comfortable vehicles with experienced drivers
    • Accommodation: Cozy lodges and camping facilities
    • Trekking: Easy to Moderate, suitable for all levels of adventurers (for flight option: Three/four hours walking will be needed, ryou should walk around 1 hour after the jeep drive to reach at hotel.
    • Guides: Knowledgeable guides with expertise in the local culture and environment

    Best Time to Visit Rara Lake

    • During October and November.
    • The month of March, April and May.

    Booking and Contact Information:

    Ready to embark on an overland odyssey to Rara Lake? For bookings and inquiries, contact us at +9779851197286. Prepare for an adventure that goes beyond the roads, offering a unique perspective of Nepal’s hidden treasures. We are also offering all kinds of Nepal Budget Tour.