Nepal renders the perfect adventure experience for all the nature lovers from around the globe. The plethora offering of adventurous activities is endless. The mountain country Nepal is rich in its trekking offering, but trekking is not for everyone especially if you have less time to explore the serenity of nature. So, for the rescue, there comes hiking, Hiking in Nepal is all awesome and peculiar experience as you will set your foot into the lush hills and mountains with the amazing insight to the local villages and culture.  Hiking is a comparatively easy and economic method to explore the hidden treasures scattered in different parts of the country and Duke Nepal Treks and Expedition offers the best and most alluring hiking packages to you.

    If you are in a short holiday and still wishes to explore hidden gems of Nepal, then Hiking is for you.  In the wide choice of hiking destination, Chisapani, Nagarkot, Namo Buddha, Sarangkot, Jyamrung, etc are some of the popular hiking destinations in Nepal. These hiking routes offer the magnificent view of mountain ranges topped with an exploration of local people lifestyle. If the strenuous and multiple days trekking is not your cup of tea, then don’t you worry as you still have the multiple choice in Hiking Packages.

    Nepal has been attracting thousands of hiking enthusiast and it seems that no one can get enough of it. The alluring view of Pinnacle Mountains, lush hills, amazing villages, and hospitality is the perfect blend of memory to cherish for a lifetime. All these magnificent natural beauties topped with shushing deep white rivers, fascinating flora and fauna and smiling people. To add to the overall hiking experience of yours’  the routes are accompanied by the view of the world’s top mountains. Hiking is the perfect adventure for those who have limited time and fewer budgets but still want to explore the hidden marvels.

    Duke Nepal Treks and Expedition is the best hiking companion for you and has been offering following hiking packages in Nepal.

    Kathmandu Hiking Packages

    • Nagarkot Hiking
    • Chisapani Hiking
    • Shivapuri Hiking
    • Namo Budda Hiking
    • Godavari Hiking
    • Sundarijal Hiking
    • Nuwakot Hiking
    • Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking

    Pokhara Hiking Packages

    • Sarangkot Hiking
    • Dhampus Hiking
    • Nirmal Pokhari Hiking
    • Bharat Pokhari Hiking
    • Mattikhan Hiking
    • Phedi Khola Hiking
    • Rupakot Resort Hiking
    Best Seasons:Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer
    Popular Location:Nagarkot, Sarangkot, Chisapani, Sundarijal

    Available Hiking Packages

    Chandragiri Chisapani Kulekhani Hiking
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    Chandragiri-Chitlang-Kulekhani Hiking


    Chandragiri Chitlang Kulekhani is an popular and historic route which was used for travelling into and out from Kathmandu. Chitlang offers you the chance to capture vintage photographs of old Newari heritage and settlement. But in recent days, this place…

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