Any nation in the face of the earth renders some natural beauty but there are only few nations that are full of natural treasure. And among such nation Bhutan stands proud and different from the crowd. In fact, Bhutan is only carbon negative country of the world and Bhutan has been really successful in preserving both natural and artificial authenticity. If you are wandering how to explore this fascinating nation, then wonder no more as Bhutan can be explored in numerous ways. You can book the city tours, cultural tours from any of the travel operators but Trekking in Bhutan is the best way to get insightful idea of hidden treasures of Bhutan.

    Bhutan Trekking trail meanders through alpine forests, fascinating mountains and valleys, admiring rhododendron forests. You will set your foot into the yak grazing lands, mountains and valleys. Along with these you will of course encounter the blooming rhododendron forests with the soul satisfying pink and red flowers. Moreover, you will be dotting the blue sheep and takins galloping on slopes of the mountains. In the course of the alluring trekking journey you will also visit and see the rustic lifestyle of yak herders. Trekking in Bhutan renders some of the mesmerizing view of the world’s tallest mountains.

    Trekking in Bhutan is enticing by all means. Whether you want to involve in short trekking or you want to challenge yourself with the long and high altitude trekking, Bhutan has got it all for you. Any trekking option is accompanied by those colorful prayer flags flickering with the direction of the wind. Trekking in Bhutan is peaceful and offers traffic free experience as Bhutan has strict policy when it comes to inviting the visitors in their country. This restriction facilitates the pollution and crowd free trekking. Bhutan Trekking is like no other trekking as the culture, tradition and the natural state remains untouched.

    Bhutan is dominant with its Indian Monsoon Climate and the best time for trekking is between March and May and September and October. In every trek of Bhutan, you will be accompanied by the team of guide, cook, camping assistant and few horsemen and horses to carry your belongings. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore some of the unturned mysteries of the Mother Nature.

    Bhutan offers some of the fascinating trekking routes which are:
    • The Jhomolhari Trek
    • Druk Path Trek
    • Snowman Trek
    • Duer Hot Springs Trek
    • Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek
    • Bumthang Owl Trek

    Best Seasons:March, May, September and October
    Popular Location:Jhomolhari, Druk Path, Snowman Trek, Duer Hot Spring Trek

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