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    The magnificent nation, Bhutan is full of culture, art and astonishing mountains. This landlocked nation in East Asia has plethora of cultural and biological diversity to offer to its visitors. To explore this truly dazzling nation, there are plenty of ways to choose from. Different tour packages, trekking packages, rafting and other adventurous activities in Bhutan is not something that you will experience elsewhere. This sovereign nation lies between the two nations of India and China.

    Bhutan hardly requires the introduction. This awe-inspiring nation is full of itself. So, to explore Bhutan, Bhutan Tour Packages is what you have to choose.  And Bhutan Tour Packages are readily available from Duke Nepal Treks offering you the guaranteed satisfaction.

    Before setting your foot into this mesmerizing nation, there is something that will increase your chance of visiting the nation. So, the facts of Bhutan that you may find worth knowing are:

    • Nepal lies at the west of Bhutan and other close neighbors are Bangladesh and Myanmar.
    • Bhutan is also popular as “The Land of Happiness”
    • In Bhutan, after the marriage, the boys leave their home to live with the in-laws.
    • Bhutan is one of most vibrant, hospitable, colorful and mesmerizing nation in Asia.
    • The total population of Bhutan is just 7 Million.
    • The total area Bhutan covers is just 47 thousand square kilometers.
    • Bhutan is one of the authentic culture still practicing old cultures and dresses.

    Bhutan has other several surprises for you once you step into this haven nation. If you are wandering about the weather in this nation, then the climatic condition is relatively unpredicted and winters are between November to March and summers are hot and humid. So, the best time to visit Bhutan is spring and autumn as the climate is pleasant.

    Other amusement of Bhutan is that it has 13 different tradition arts and crafts. The arts are:

    • Thag – Zo:Weaving textiles is widely practiced throughout the country and is also an integral part of Bhutanese culture and lifestyle.
    • Tsha – Zo:Since the forests of Bhutan are filled with cane and bamboo trees, weaving products out of these is a mastered skill for the locals.
    • Lha – Zo:Traditional Bhutanese paintings which are exemplary to the art and crafts tradition in the country.
    • Do – Zo:this ancient craft of masonry is practiced even till date and is a very respectable profession in the country.
    • Shing – Zo:Shing-zo is the art of carpentry which is one of the most important art forms in Bhutan as it is a major part of the country’s grand Dzong (fortresses), temples, palaces, houses and the bridges.
    • Shag – Zo:this is the art of wood turning which is the art of wood turning which is customarily practiced by the locals of Trashiyangtse village located in Eastern Bhutan.
    • Par – Zo:Is the art of carving out of wood, slate and stone which has been perfected as an art form over the generations. The wood carvings are a sort of phalluses used to wade of ‘evil eyes’. These usually attract tourists a lot and they buy as a souvenir.
    • Jim – Zo:this is an art form of making sculptures out of clay and this was the first form of sculpture making before bronze and other metal came into the picture. This art form has been passed and perfected over centuries.
    • Lug – Zo:Lug-Zo is the art of casting bronze statues and other religions items such as water bowls offered to Gods and bells, etc.
    • Gar – Zo:this is art of blacksmithing and iron work which came in to practice in Bhutan during the late 14th century.
    • Troe – Ko:this is a popular craft in Bhutan and also of interest to tourists as it is the art of traditional jewellery and ornament making which is popular even today.
    • De – Zo: the art of traditional Bhutanese Paper-making has deep roots in Bhutan. The people who make this paper are called Dezop.
    • Tzhem – Zo:is the art of tailoring and is also a very popular art form amongst Bhutanese people.

    So, to experience the serenity of this amazing nation, Duke Nepal Treks and Expedition hereby offers different tour and trekking packages:

    • Bhutan Day Tours
    • Bhutan Trekking Packages
    • Bhutan Rafting
    • Bhutan Cultural Tour
    Best Seasons:October-December
    Popular Location:Rinpung Dzong, Chele La Pass, Punakha Dzong, Buddha Dordenma Statue, Dochula Pass. Tiger Nest

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    Bhutan Cultural Tour

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