Trekking in Nepal

    Nepal, when many of you hear this name, your head will be filled with the images of mountains and amazing people. Yes Nepal is mountainous country with plethora offering of almighty pinnacle mountain that you can ascend and trek. The trekking in Nepal will grant you with something that you only might have dream of. The natural serenity and purity at its most raw form is something that you will be experiencing in the Himalayas. Nepal is the gateway to the tallest mountains of the world including the Everest, Annapurna, etc. like monstrous mountains.

    The trekking in Nepal is so diversified that you can do the trekking at 59m altitude to the 8848m altitude and this altitude lies within the straight line of 200km, now that’s some mind boggling facts for you. Many of you will land at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. You will be receiving the necessary trek permits and documentation at the nation’s capital itself.

    If you have less time in your hand, no worry as Duke Nepal Treks & Expedition will tailor the package just as you prefer. In addition, Trekking in Nepal will award you all those gratifying experience to witness the blistering mountains along with the captivating local cuisine and culture. Earlier in 1960s trekking and expedition was attempted by fewer people but as the Nepal presented itself as peculiar trekking destination, the trekking activities increased and gained more popularity.


    Trekking now is easier and is preserved under different conservation act along with the presence of different lodges and accommodation. Most of the trekking routes will serve you working internet facilities. Moreover, the most popular trekking region of Nepal includes Everest, Langtang and Annapurna. Whichever route you may prefer, these trekking will offer you the soul satisfying view of snowcapped mountains.

    Nepal offers peculiar and diverse vegetation varying from the altitude of 1000m to 100-200m. Furthermore, the trekking gateways are accessible via domestic flights. You can buy the entire trekking package through Duke Nepal Treks and Expedition to eradicate all the hassles. Trekking in Nepal required mandatory permits, licensed guide along with the porters. Trekking in country and mountain side will grant you the once in a lifetime chance of witnessing the might mountains of the world.

    Popular Trekking Routes in Nepal are: