Vintage car rental for wedding

    Vintage Car Hire in Kathmandu

    Duke Nepal Rental is the best vintage car rental for weddings and other shoots. Are you planning to add charm to your wedding day? You could not be confused, just remember Duke Nepal Rental Services, we have huge expertise to provide vintage and other luxury for your wedding day.

    We have different kinds of luxurious sedan cars to Ninety-four years Ford vintage cars. Yes, some luxury vintage cars have heating problems, defection on the engine, and door lock problems, but we have well-maintained cars to complement your wedding day in style.

    We have been sending such cars for antique photoshoots for big events and branding programs, so these types of cars serve as the perfect backdrops for your wedding photos, creating memories and your wedding will be cherished forever.

    Branding Photoshoot in vintage car
    Branding Photoshoot in Vintage Car

    Usually, we have not done decoration to the wedding cars but we do decoration in case of vintage car rental for wedding. We also offer you a breakdown cost of cars and decorations. If you need any other personalized services for your wedding and any other events, we will also offer you as your direction to our teams.

    Nowadays, Vintage and luxury cars are very demanding in Kathmandu, so please book early and pay in advance as per our rules to book your wedding day. We will accept your QR payment to USD Card as well.

    Don’t be late to book and cherish your special event for your lifetime memory. Duke Nepal is the best vintage car rental for weddings and we make an effort to make your wedding a very special and lasting memory.

    You can WhatsApp us at +977 9851197286 or email us to reserve your wedding car early.

    Few cars Photos:

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    Yes, Duke Nepal Rental is the best rental service in town and has been offering extraordinary services from day 1 of launching. We are also offering various types of Toyota cars to make your tour more luxurious and high-end.