Dolpo Region Trekking

    Dolpo region renders alluring view of graceful landscapes and exceedingly enticing beauty resembling the Tibet. Dolpo region is popular among the nature lovers specially for trekking that this region offers. Dolpo region comes under Shey Phoksundo National Park(1984) protecting all the uniqueness shared by the region. The major highlight of Dolpo region trekking is Ringmo and Phoksundo Lake and the appealing view of snow peaks like Kanjibro.

    The highest altitude of the region is 21,000 feet and provides you the freshest air you can breathe. The region has got deep rooted history of Tibetans and Buddhism, you are in luck as you will be experiencing the amazing lifestyle, culture, traditions, rituals and all these with the finest topping of soulful hospitality. The two very popular trekking in the region, Upper Dolpo Trekking and Lower Dolpo Trekking offers the mind boggling scenery of mountains topped with the human’s masterpiece in the form of Monasteries and Gompas.

    As mentioned earlier, you will do the trekking from the low altitude of 1650m (5412 ft) to 5136m (16,846ft) above the sea level.  To add more to overall experience of your trekking journey, there is exquisite Shey Phoksundo Lake at the altitude of 3,612m, making it one of the delightful high altitude lakes of the world.

    Duke Nepal Treks and Expedition team promises to take you to the picturesque landscapes, deep rhododendron and pine forest and amazing villages through Dolpo Region Trekking.

    Popular Trekking in Dolpo Region

    • Phoksundo Lake Trek,
    • Lower Dolpo Trek
    • Upper Dolpo Trek
    • Dhorpatan Dolpo Trek
    • Jumla Dolpo Trek
    • Kanjiroba Expedition
    Best Seasons:Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to October)
    Popular Location:Phoksundo, Dhorpatan, Kanjirowa, Ringmo

    Available Dolpo Region Trekking

    Lower Dolpo Trekking
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    Lower Dolpo Trek

    17N 18D

    Lower Dolpo Trekking Lower Dolpo is famously known as; the hidden treasure of Nepal’. Lower Dolpo is unspoilt exhibiting the natural and human magnificence at its best. The region was opened in 1990 for foreigners making it comparatively new trekking…

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    Dhorpatan Dolpo Trekking
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    Dhorpatan Dolpo Trek

    27N 28D

    Dhorpatan Dolpo Trekking Dhorpatan Dolpo Trek takes you to insightful journey to various passes, Himalayan chain, and jungle ravines. Dolpo Dhorpatan lies in Dolpo, North West of Nepal at the rain shadow of Himalayas.  This region is affluent with alluring…

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    Phoksundo Lake Trek
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    Shey-Phoksundo Lake Trek

    9N 10D

    Phoksundo Lake Trek Nepal is rich in both natural and cultural Attraction. Among such attraction, Phoksundo Lake (4.94km2) is lying at the hidden Dolpo region of Nepal at the altitude of 3611.5m from sea level. It is an exotic destination…

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