Nepal Everest Base Camp

    Top 04 Reasons to Hike Everest Base Camp

    Nepal Everest Base Camp 

    The journey to mountain wilderness challenges you mentally and physically, but what journey is that where there is no hardship. It pushes you to the core but leaves you spellbound in the end. There are multiple reasons for you to set your foot in the lap of Mt. Everest. The world’s highest mountain uncovers in front of you, welcomes you with arms wide open, and you create many memories. Everest should be on everybody’s bucket list, and one will experience a lifetime in this fascinating journey to Everest Base Camp. Nepal Everest Base Camp Trek is not to be missed by any as it is the ultimate adventure. 

    Finally, when you rest in luxury in Kathmandu, you will pat yourself on the back, get overwhelmed and feel proud of every second you pushed yourself more challenging to get to the Everest Base Camp. Duke Nepal family encourages all to join this fantastic journey to create memories to cherish lifelong. Mountains call you again, that’s for sure, as the beauty of Everest is seducing.

    So, here are the top 04 reasons to go to Everest Base Camp

    Alluring Views

    One cannot put it more simply than saying that the views of Everest from Everest Base Camp are just magically stunning. Trekking in Nepal to Everest Base Camp or trekking from Tibet renders some magnificent views to savor. You hike in the setting of an immense beauty in the Himalayan mountain range. The sights you behold are just something you won’t forget.

    You will hike along cliffs. The hike passes as you see the trees line ending. As the tree line ends, it might confuse you on which route to take. But you hike straight as you discover landscapes changing in front of you. This is the daily routine of your trekking. You won’t see trees in the dry land of the Himalayas. As you hike, the sight of yaks and donkeys carrying tourist and regular supplies becomes common. As you reach higher, you will follow along the river, Dudh Koshi, which is light blue in the shade. Mammoth landscapes made of rocks and ice are proud of their beauty and ice valleys.











    It’s all about Culture

    Mountain people pray to these mountains daily; they pray to gods and hope that mountains remain subtle along the journey. Rituals, customs and all deep-rooted cultures are what make Everest so unique. Nepalese people are well known for their loyal and humble nature. In these mountains, where little things are so hard, you will realize they are much happier. For any foreign eye trekking for the first time in Nepal, the experience can be overwhelming. Basic things like rice and water offer the essential starch, and luxury is out of the question.

    Namche Bazaar, one of the renowned villages for all trekking and travelling communities worldwide, is full of amenities. You will hike through villages on stone paths. You will encounter remote village settings where mothers are bathing infants and domesticated yaks grazing in all peace. As you pass this setting and hike further, Namche Bazaar welcomes Pizza shops,  jewelry shops, clothing stores and even cake shops.

    In this fantastic journey to Nepal Everest Base Camp, you will also visit temples and see monks praying to the god in their maroon and yellow attires. These temples feel intricately made carvings on metals, stones and woods with hand for all good luck. Temples, however, have chipped paintings and are not well maintained.

    As you hike, you will see locals carrying the loads. But they will give you a big smile even if they are doing ultimate hard work for your comfort and survival. Children make you happy as they readily smile and say “Hi” to you. And one thing that keeps your head turned around is that the same hike you struggled to get done in a day is done twice as they return from high up hills. Your porter carries the load and treks with so ease.

    A Complete Adventure, Nepal Everest Base Camp

    Life should be a daring adventure as we all live once. But daring is relative. Some jump out of the plane as child’s play, and some find it difficult to stay for long nights. But as life is a challenge, if you are for the serious enthralling challenge, let it be Everest Base Camp.

    Reaching one of the highest base camps does not sound easy, and it’s not for real. You will face freezing nights, rock terrains, cliffs, dangers of potential avalanches, limited food and water, and more. And all these challenges get worse when you get hit with altitude sickness. Trekking to  Everest Base Camp is a thrilling adventure but surely will give you a different thinking perception. Around 25,000- 30,000 trekkers reach here every year.

    Every trekker has struggles as each body adapts to high altitude and continuously hikes differently. Altitude sickness, sleeping in extreme temperatures, fatigue, and, to make it worse, dysentery is some challenges to overcome. But in the end, all hardship rests in peace as you see a beautiful ice valley and the world’s highest peak, Everest standing in the background.

    Get Ready for all the Amusement

    The journey to Nepal Everest Base Camp is full of amusement. This journey becomes epic as you get all the chance to share some golden time with those mountains. As you get near each day to the base camp, you see mountains up close. This sways away your hardship and pain. All confusion, worry, and fear do not stand a chance as your sole focus shifts to putting in the foot of the other day. And in the end, all that matters is a good night’s sleep, having a healthy diet and plenty of water to prepare your body for the next day’s hike. A peaceful mind in a serene mountain encourages you to connect to your true self, which is a fantastic feeling.

    In these wonderlands of mountains, the experience more impressive are the stories you get to hear and share with fellow trekkers and travelers.

    Final Thought, Nepal Everest Base Camp

    Sometimes Everest Adventure is unpredictable, but in most cases, people get back with safe and happy faces. The trek ends as you reroute the same route. Descending take some days as you enjoy the downhill hike and end each day with a stunning view of nature.

    Anyone on this fascinating journey to Everest knows how amazing the whole thing is. Nepal Everest Base Camp Trek entices you, challenges you, but ultimately makes you happy with awe-inspiring views. 

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