Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022

    Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022

    Manaslu Circuit Trek Guide Blog, Everything you need to know about Manaslu Trek in 2021/2022

    Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal guarantees an unforgettable experience in more virgin terrains near one of the massive mountains.  Trek around Manaslu is a delight making you forget the beaten Annapurna and its trekking routes.  In an incredible wholesome journey to Manaslu, you will be treated to sceneries you have never seen before. Set your foot through mountain laps, beholding substantial snow-capped mountains, high-altitude glaciers, rich flora and fauna, and of course, the icing on the top, Nepal’s humble,  ever-smiling mountainous people.  Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022 always rewards you for soaking in the cultural setting, mainly of the Tamang and Sherpa communities.

    So, this is your chance to grab and experience the serenity of these mountains as nature is ready to welcome you with arms wide open. Mount Manaslu stands tall at an altitude of 8,156m above sea level, making it the eighth highest mountain in the world. Whatever you feel like doing, either going for a tea house trek or full-fledged camping, you are on the winning side. And the best part is you don’t need a high-altitude trekking experience. Manaslu welcomes every.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost
    Manaslu Circuit Trek

    What is the length of the Manaslu Circuit?

    Manaslu Circuit Trek renders a long, rich hike experience. The Manaslu trek itinerary is 13 to 17 days, and the total distance you cover during this Manaslu round trek is 177 kilometres (110 miles). However, length varies as the itinerary changes. Trek starts either from Arughat Bazar or Soti Khola, and the choice is all yours.

    Special Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022

    If there would be any word that best describes Manaslu, we would happily use it, but there are none.  Trekking to Manaslu follows an ancient salt-trade route along the Budhi Gandaki river.  All your hardship rests on each step you take during the hike as your eyes and soul soaks in the amusement of peaks higher than 7000m and 8000m. Trekking Manaslu Circuit is more peaceful as it is not busy as Annapurna Circuit.

    Planning solo Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022 is not possible, as Manaslu is restricted zone prohibiting solo travellers. And the next important thing to remember for trekking Manaslu is you need to have a fixed travel date for all your permits to be valid for your interrupted trek experience.

    The Nubri and Tsum ethnic groups make up the majority of the population in this area. The river’s branching separates these two racial areas off of Chhikur. While Nubri became popular after Nepal’s tourism opened in 1950, Tsum has retained much of its traditional culture, art, and custom. The Gurungs are the leading ethnic group in the region’s central hills.

    What is the best time to trek Manaslu?

    Nepal has four main seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. For any trek in Nepal, the best month is from March to May and from October and November. And this time is ideal for savouring the magnificent beauty of the Annapurna range too. Yes, trekking is possible most of the year, but each has its pros and cons. But our suggestion to you would be to plan for the best season to trek in Nepal. Autumn and Spring reward a mind-settling view of mountains in the open sky.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek VS Annapurna Circuit Trek

    Annapurna Circuit Trek is all wholesome. Annapurna Trek rewards everything from natural, never-ending beauty to richness in culture and heritage. Yes, Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022 has everything Annapurna Circuit has, but it is just that Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary gives you a more peaceful and authentic trek experience.

    As the travelling community is reaching out to explore other gems in Nepal, Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022 is not quite as before, as travellers are increasing yearly. Gone are those days when the only option to trek Manaslu was Camping, as a tea house operates for an overnight stay and your dietary needs. So, you don’t have to carry everything. But, if you want that camping experience, yes, that’s easily possible too.

    How Difficult is Manaslu Circuit Trek?

    As hiking in rough terrains that too in high altitude is not your daily occurrence, it’s very natural to get overwhelmed by trekking difficulty and complications; yes, trekking is not meant to be easy but remember the highest altitude you get to during this trek is 5143m above the sea level.  So, if you are mentally ready and physically well, Manaslu Circuit Trek is not challenging.  You need to be moderately fit, and please exercise mainly by going gym, cycling, hiking, swimming and other cardio activities.

    Please remember, the harder you push your body during training for trea k in your homeland, the easier it is to conquer the rough trails to Manaslu. We recommend you go for high altitude trek if possible before this trek. If you are wondering how to be fit for this trek, we suggest you continue reading this blog for a complete guide to Manaslu Circuit Trek.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

    As Nepal is a haven for a real wilderness experience, most trekkers come to Nepal to treat themselves to hardship and relaxation with the mountains. Pokhara is the gateway to the Annapurna region; you need to pass one hurdle to reach Pokhara city. But no worries, Pokhara is accessible via road and air.

    Usually, all packages that the agency offers cover a-z trekking cost. These include airfare, ground transportation, hotel and tea house accommodation, guide, porters, all necessary permits, three meals during trekking and hotel rooms on a BB basis in city areas. Please remember that you won’t be able to trek without these permits.

    For Manaslu, the trek permit cost depends upon your travel month and your total stay in the trek region. You will require three different permits to enjoy hassle-free Manaslu Circuit Trek.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek Permits

    Manaslu Restricted Permit

    From September to November, the Manaslu trek permit costs USD 70.00 for the first seven days and USD 10.00 for each extra day. From December to August, a Manaslu trek permit costs USD 50.00 for the first seven days and USD 7.00 for each additional day.

    Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP)

    The entry price for SAARC Nationals is 200 NPR per person, whereas it is 2,000 NPR for other Nationals.

    Annapurna Conservation Area Permit(ACAP)

    You’ll also need permission to enter the Annapurna Conservation Area. Duke Nepal take care of all permissions. The Manaslu Circuit Trip is a more expensive trek in Nepal due to its typical time and exclusivity. Per person, prices range from 1000 USD to 1400 USD (or 900 EUR to 1200 EUR).

    Manaslu Circuit Trek 14 Days | Manaslu Circuit Trek’s best itinerary

    In Nepal, first hand, it is already challenging to find the best trek routes. On the other hand, one remains in a dilemma on what to expect from a choice of trekking routes. Yes, in the case of the Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022 Package, too, there are a lot of options. This different itinerary rewards the same experience; it is just that number of days increases or decreases.

    You travel to Pokhara as it is the heavenly gateway to Annapurna Region. Please enjoy as much time as possible here in Pokhara, stretch your legs, and do some jogging. But please remember that at least 6-8 weeks before the trek, preparation in your comfort is crucial for trekking Manaslu with extraordinary mental and physical stamina.

    So, Duke Nepal recommend following Manaslu Circuit Trek 14 days itinerary.

    Day 01 – Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola (710m/2328ft.)

    On the first day of Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022 14 Days, Duke Nepal picks you up at 08:00 am for an almost 08 hours drive to Arughat. The ride is pleasant for the initial four hours till Dhading Besi. From there, we meet rough roads until reaching Arughat. Then another 1.5-hour drive to Soti Khola. We accommodate you in Guesthouse.

    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Guest House Stay.

    Distance – 140 Kilometers

    Duration – 08 Hours

    Day 02 – Soti Khola to Maccha Khola(900m/2952ft.)

    After having breakfast in Soti Khola, a hike for this kicks off. We trek, passing waving trails and passing through forests. We continue heading upstream along the Budhi Gandaki river. Then, we descend to a more spacious, sandy river bank. We again continue passing the swirling paths of mountains with the rivers on the overlook. We reach Maccha Khola and stay overnight in the guest house.

    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Guest House Stay

    Distance – 14.2 Kilometers/8.8 Miles

    Duration – 5-6 Hours

    Day 03 – Maccha Khola to Jagat(1340m/4395ft) Hiking Distance- 22.2 Km/13.8 miles, Duration- 5-6 Hours

    Upon crossing Maccha Khola(river) & Khrolabesi, we trek through a natural hot spring at Tatopani. Then the trail continues following forested until crossing Dovan Khola. From Dovan Khola(river), we make our way to Budhi Gandaki valley. As the trek continues, we leave the initial white sandy setting. The whole scene unravelling in front of you changes as you ascend further up to reach Jagat for an overnight stay. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022
    Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022

    Day 04- Jagat to Deng(2095m/6871ft) Trek distance- 20 km/12.4 miles, Duration- 8-9 hours

    The trail today continues from Jagat, passing a paved village. We ascend to Sirdibas village, rendering an astonishing picturesque view of Shringi Himal. Then, we descend to the river and cross a long suspension bridge. Upon crossing the bridge, a steep climb awaits us to Philim. From Philim, the trail passes through stunning waterfalls on either side of the valley. We then hike, passing Ekle Bhatti, head towards the river, and cross it two times on the suspension bridge. Then from Ekle Bhatti, we continue walking along to pass Pewa. We then hike along a small campsite. Trek continues through the valley to reach our stay overnight here in Deng. We stay overnight in Guesthouse in Deng. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

    Day 05- Deng to Namrung(2900m/9512ft), Walking distance: 19.4 Kilometers/12 Miles, Duration:5-6 Hours

    On day five of the Manaslu trek itinerary, we commence with a steep trek on a fantastic trail before descending to cross the river. Upon crossing the river, we climb, passing an alluring valley. Trek continues passing small settlements. In this trek segment, we see Mani stones beautifully carved into rocks on the way. Mani stones are a sign of entering Tibetan territory. Please take a side excursion to Prok, a small settlement. The tour completes in 02 hours, return and overnight stay in a local lodge at Namrung. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

    Day 06- Namrung to Lho Gaun(3180m/10430ft), Hiking Distance- 10.5 Kilometers/6.5 Miles, Duration: 5-6 Hours

    Today our day starts hiking through the long Mani walls in Lho village. The amazingly spectacular view of Peak 29 welcomes you with arms wide open ahead. Trek continues past a large stone gate. Then, we take a slight diversion to Pungen Glacier to enjoy the alluring view of ever bever-beautifullu Village.

    Guest House Overnight. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

    Day 07- Lho Gaun to Samagaun(3500m/11480ft) Hiking distance: 8.1 Kilometers/5 Miles, Duration- 6-7 Hours

    On day seven of the Manaslu Circuit Trek, we start trekking, following the hill of Pungen Glacier to reach Samagaun. Samagaun is undoubtedly the best-looking village during this entire trek experience. Overnight in Guesthouse in Samagaun. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

    Day 08- Acclimatization Day at Samagaon

    Acclimatisation is a crucial part of any trek. So, we acclimatise today here in Samagaon. Sleeping at a lower altitude on acclimatising days helps you better adapt to the high elevations. The day today is for you to do an excursion to nearby attractions. You can either do a half-day or full-day walk today. If you go on a full-day hike, then trekking to Manaslu Base Camp(4750m) is the ideal choice. But if you have opted for only half day walk, then we can hike to a glacier across the valley or to Birendra Ta. We return to Samagaon for an Overnight stay.

    Overnight in Guest House, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

    Day 09- Samagaon to Samdo(3690m/12103ft), Hiking Distance:8.1 Kilometers/5.03 Miles, Duration- 3-4 Hours

    Trek starts the day; we cross pastures and ascend to the valley. As we trek, we will behold the fantastic view of the stunning mountain of Mt.  Manaslu and other accompanying peaks. Samdo, a Tibetan refugee village, is the destination of the day. Samdo, a remote town, is a day hike from the Tibetan border. During the afternoon, please explore the village and nearby hills, and again come back to Samdo for an overnight stay. Overnight in the local guest house. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

    Day 10- Samdo to Dharmashala(44450m/14596ft), Hiking Distance: 6.6 Kilometers/4.10 Miles, Duration:4-5 Hours

    Upon crossing a couple of streams, we will be reaching Larkya Bazaar. Larkya Village, near Tibet, shares a years-old trading history with Tibet. We continue hiking uphill until we reach Dharmashala to stay overnight. We prepare for tomorrow’s big Larkya La Pass(5220m) climb. Overnight in a local lodge. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

    Day 11-  Dharmashala to Bhimphedi(3590m/11775 Ft.) via Larkya La Pass(5220m/17122ft.), Hiking distance:24.5 Kilometers/15.22 Miles, Duration: 8-9 Hours

    The hike of the day commences from Dharmashala.  The walk of the day is of 8-9 Hours. We reach Bhimphedi and cross one of the high passes, Larkya La Pass, at 5220m above sea level. Before going through the pass, we first climb Cho Danda, then slowly climb steep uphill to the Snow-covered pass. View one gets to savour from the pass is nothing sort of ordinary. Magnificently beautiful mountain like Himlung Himal(7126m), Cheo Himal(6820m), Gyagi Kung, Kang Koru(6981m) and Annapurna (7937m) welcomes you with arms wide open. After soaking in the magical setting of Larkya La Pass, return passing moraines with a steep descent.

    Overnight at Guesthouse, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

    Day 12- Bhimphedi to Tilije(2300m/7544ft), Hiking duration – 26 Kilometers/16.1 Miles, Duration- 8-9 Hours

    Hike for the day starts with a gentle ascend passing through paddy fields. We trek to small Karcher La Pass. Then, the trail descends, passing through fig trees and forests of rhododendron until we reach Tilije.

    Overnight at Guesthouse, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

    Day 13 – Tilje to Chamje (1410m/4625ft) Walking Distance: 19.4 Kilometers/12 Miles, Duration: 6-7 Hours

    After a brief ascent over a short ridge, we follow a stone-paved path through a picturesque town. We will climb up via a Chorten-shaped arch and past a Mani wall to reach the settlement of Thonje after crossing the bridge over the Dudh Khola River. We will leave Thonje and enter the Annapurna Region at Dharapani. Before continuing our trek, we must pass through a police checkpoint. We will pass through the settlement of Karta as we continue along the road before crossing a bridge over the Marshyangdi Khola.

    Before arriving in Tal, a settlement at the base of a sizable waterfall, we can take in the Mani walls along the road. We wilAfter another brief descent, we will arrive at Chamje village, where we will spend the night

    Includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner while staying at a guesthouse.

    Day 14- Drive from Chamje to Kathmandu, Distance: 215Kilometers/133 Miles, Duration – 8-9 Hours

    The fantastic Manaslu Circuit Trek itinerary ends as we drive you to Kathmandu from Chamje. First, we take a jeep to Besisahar from Chamje and then go back to Kathmandu. Upon arrival in Kathmandu, we will drop you at the hotel.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek, What to Pack?

    Gears are crucial for any trekking and adventure experience, especially up in the mountains. Moreover, proper right selectionequipmentgear makes any trekking and high-altitude expedition safer. Ultimately, gear makes the difference in emergencies in life- deaths situations. For trekking Manaslu, book Nepal flight tickets, carry a backpack but not too heavy, and kick off your fantastic journey to Manaslu. Please make sure that you have packed the right gear. And remember not to wear new shoes for the trek to avoid blisters. This is trekking, not climbing, so you don’t need to carry ropes, carabiners and other climbing equipment. Please check the list below on what to pack for this Manaslu Circuit Trek.

    • Rucksack with Rain Cover
    • Daypack
    • Duffel bag
    • Hiking Boots
    • Sandals and Shoes
    • Hiking Socks
    • Inner Socks
    • Thermal Baselayer
    • T-Shirts
    • Fleece Pullover or Jacket
    • Light Weight Thermal Tops
    • Waterproof Jacket
    • Sports Bra
    • Hiking Shorts
    • Hiking Pants
    • Waterproof Pants

    These items are just basic needfuls, and you will require more amenities. And pack list depends individually.

    What shall I do to be fit for Manaslu Circuit Trek?

    It is usual for anyone living on plain land to feel difficulty in a multi-day trek. Manaslu Circuit Trek is a medium category trek, a tiresome journey, and leg pains are common. So, the better you prepare for the trek, best for the smooth trek experience. Please engage in cardio exercise to better prepare your body to adapt well to the difficulties arising from higher elevations and rough terrains. We suggest you go swimming, cycling, gym, and engage in different activities. No matter what you do, make sure you are ready to hit the mountains. Similarly, your past trek experience proves crucial for this round trek of Manaslu. You can take the trek easy if you are not going to the highest altitude or climbing mountains.

    The basic rule of thumb is that the higher you go, the more likely you will suffer from altitude sickness. So, if you prepare yourselves in your homeland, a better body adapts to high elevations, and an exception is the trek experience here in Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022  Itinerary.

    Is Hiking more necessary?

    The answer to this question is a direct yes. However, it depends upon your physical and mental stamina. As you hike into higher elevations, you will likely get some altitude sickness symptoms. And the best thing to well prepare your body is to practice and repeat. The more you hike, your body adapts, and it gets easy in the Himalayas. As you are reading this blog, we assume that you like hiking. If you want to savour all the natural and artificial beauty offered by Manaslu Circuit Trek, you should be physically fit. It is nice to start preparing before six months of the actual hike.

    You can opt for 1-hour climb for seven days. Keep exercising, do some cardio, run, and jog regularly to prepare your body for the Circuit trek of Manaslu. While hiking in your homeland, carry a backpack of 12-15 kg so that you can have a better idea of what things will be like in the mountains of Nepal. All this hardship makes your trek trouble less.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022
    Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022

    Manaslu Circuit Trek, Acute Mountain Sickness

    As you hike through high altitudes for a few hours, you can feel the symptoms of altitude sickness. These symptoms involve shortness of breath, headache, and nausea. You feel tired, sleeping, struggling, and dizzy with a severe headache. However,  this all depends on your oxygen and fitness level. Severe symptoms include losing a sense of coordination, walking trouble and a tight chest. If the symptoms continue to HAPE or HACE, the feeling of confusion, shortness of breath, and you won’t be able to walk.

    Symptoms increases as elevation go up. You are trekking only, reducing chances of extra high elevation and AMS of the expedition. Trained guides help you along the way. Many people experience Altitude Sickness, but very few show escalated symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness.

    Accommodation for Manaslu Circuit Trek

    Trek commences from Pokhara. Pokhara is a glittering city full of standard hotels, bars, clubs, massage centres and more. However, in all treks to Manaslu Circuit, don’t expect luxury as necessity kicks in. Accommodation up in the mountains is essential as the tea house mainly serves you local foods and twin beds. The primary accommodation choice is all awe-inspiring, rendering the best escape from the hustle and bustle of world city life.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022
    Manaslu Circuit Trek 2022

    What are tea houses?

    Tea Houses are small hotels offering some level of comfort to the trekking community of the world. These tea houses are comfortable because you get organic home-cooked food and a place to sleep. All these tea houses are run by families who have opened their houses to all passers-by. During your Manaslu Circuit Trek, you can find a lot of tea houses, which are a bit smaller and offers basic facilities compared to Annapurna Circuit Trek.

    How do you find a reliable trek operator for Manaslu Circuit Trek?

    You can find anything anyplace on the internet, which is a terrific thing. The same is true of hikers and trekkers. Finding a trekking company that you like can be difficult due to the abundance of options. Because of this, chooses you.

    We only collaborate with the top hiking and trekking companies. The trekking companies on are trustworthy, so that you can relax.  Read this if you’d prefer to look at other treks in the Annapurna Region.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek, Video

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