Best Hiking Route Near Kathmandu Valley

    Lakuri Vanjyang Hike

    Lakuri Vanjyang Hike is one of the best hiking route near Kathmandu valley. It offers us the magistic view of green forest and Kathmandu valley. Mostly, I use to hike every Saturday near Kathmandu because its gives me a pleasure and recreaton. Moreover, it an opportunity for me to refresh my mind. I did more than 20 hike in my life. Among them, this route is my best hiking route. We had a group of 8 friends. Everyone having a travel attitude which helps me to experience many more stupid things and rememberable moments. Some of the moments in this hike are enlisted in my lifetime experience diary.

    It was a time of Monsoon season. But, we had a chance to experience many climatic condition within one day. It was about 3 days trip because we had sunny day, fogy day, rainy day as well as leech biting day. After this hike, I start loving monsoon season.  I am convinced that, this season also a one of the best season for travel in Nepal. We started our journey quit late because all my friends were suffered from “Nepali Time’ disease.

    Trip Details

    • At 11:00 am, we catch a local microbus for Godawori from Lagenkhel (about 1 hour drive).
    • At 12:00pm, we start our hike from Godawori towards Maltaa dada (one and half hour hike through jungle).
    • We spend one and half hour at Maltaa Danda.
    •  One and half hour to reach at Ghayampey Dada from Maltaa Danda through Lakuri Vanjyang.
    • We spend one hour at Ghayampey Danda.
    • At 07:00 pm,  we headed towards Suryavinayak from Ghyampey Danda through Pilot Baba.
    • We reach Suryavinayak at 9:00pm beacause of heavy rain.
    • Luckily we succeed to catch the public bus at Suryavinayak for kathmandu.

    Things to know about this Trail

    • No shop at Maltaa Danda but drinking water is available and we can find small village with few people.
    • There is small tea shops in Lakuri Vanjyang and Ghyampey Danda.
    • Never forget to carry water bottle and snacks.
    • Be aware from leech.
    • Don’t forget to carry raincoat or plastic during monsoon season.
    • Don’t forget to explore the nature while hiking.
    • Do not miss valley view from Maltaa Danda.
    • Place is amazing so manage your time.