Langtang Region Trekking

  • Yak Cheese Factory
  • Langtang Village Tour
  • Spectacular view of Kyangin Gompa
  • Marvelous Langtang glacier sights
  • Expedition of Lirung
  • Finest Flora and Fauna exploration
  • Holy Lake Gosaikunda
  • Lauribinayak Pass (4610m)
  • Ganesh Himal and Manaslu
  • Helambu Sherpa Culture

Langtang region is no unique name to real adventure and trekking lovers around the world as beauty and captivity of Langtang region is not hidden in the world’s eye.

Langtang region basically lies at the lap of Himalayas, at the northern side of Kathmandu with sharing border with Tibet. Setting your foot in this marvelous region will award you with that golden opportunity of dotting almost all tallest mountains of the world, so you better your bags soon.

The major peaks you will observe are Makalu (8,156m), Ganesh Himal(7118m), so, it makes the third most do trek after amazing Annapurna and Everest region trekking. Langtang Lirung (7246m) is the highest altitude height of the Langtang region.

Human’ finest craftsmanship, traditionally built stones houses, stunningly crafted wooden porches architectural masterpiece in the form of Gompas reflecting solitude of almighty Himalayan range are seen the region.

Yak cheese which is so very popular among the food lovers come from this very region, and you thought Nepal is country of mountains only. The short tour to Yak cheese factory in the region may award you with that slice of cheese you will not find elsewhere.

Nepal is and has always been the country of multi culture diversity, then how can Langtang region be isolated in this matter. In fact, you are in luck as you will be witnessing multi country culture and tradition of Nepalese and Tibetan ethnic group.

Friendly climate, close proximity with capital and of course kind hearted hospitable people is not to be missed by anyone. Langtang region trekking will take deep into pine forest, swift mountain streams, rugged rock, grassy downhills, meadows strewn and of course snow-capped peaks.

You will be setting your foot into the lush valleys and letting you have that captivating view of Langur monkeys to the rhododendron forest dancing in spring color. The forest in the region is full of Chir pine, rhododendron, alder and deciduous conifers. Rhododendron, larch, wildflowers, gentians, primroses, epiphytic orchids, etc, like plants will smile in this trekking trail.

Langtang region is equally rich in flora as the region is the home to animals like Tigers, wildboar, red panda, pica, musk deer, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan Thar, Rhesus monkey, common Langur and Snow Leopard. Similarly, 250 species of birds will welcome you their soulful chirps, just make sure that you do not disturb them.

In a week to 10 days, you will be witnessing all above mentioned natural and artificial creation in this popular region. In three weeks time, you can explore whole Langtang region.

So get ready and pack your bags as Duke Nepal Treks and Expedition has come up with the best trekking packages of the Langtang Region

Popular Location:Langtang, Helambu , Gosaikunda , Ganesh Himal and Gosaikunda

Available Langtang Region Trekking

Gosaikunda Trek

    Gosaikunda Trekking

    9N 1OD

    Langtang Gosaikunda Trek Gosaikunda Trek is like no other trekking. This trek is the enthralling journey to remote yet alluring villages, equally gorgeous Langtang National Park. Gosaikunda Trek follows Trishuli River in the north, taking you to Trishuli Bazaar, Dhunche…

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    Ruby Valley Trek
    • sale

    Ruby Valley Trekking

    11N 12D

    Ruby Valley Trekking Ruby Valley Trekking is one of the admirable trekking routes. This trekking trails lies between two popular trekking areas of Langtang and Manaslu of Dhading. Likewise, this trek takes you to the soulful journey of pristine mountains,…

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    Ganesh Himal Trek

      Ganesh Himal Trek

      17N 18D

      Ganesh Himal Trek Ganesh Himal trek is popularly known as holy mountain trek as this trekking is connected with ancient Hindu mythology. The worthy roller coaster ride takes you to lush forests, diverse topography, and amazing Tamang culture. Ganesh Himal…

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      Helambu Cultural Trek
      • sale

      Helambu Cultural Trek

      9N 10D

      Helambu Cultural Trek Helambu shares close proximity with the capital city. Besides the closeness between Kathmandu and Helambu, the region is relatively unspoiled.  Helambu Cultural Trek is one of the easy treks you can accomplish in 5-6 days time. Helambu Trek…

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