The mesmerizing nation of the world, the ‘Kingdom of Bhutan’, is like no other nation of the world. Bhutan lies at South Asian Country at the eastern end of the Himalayas. Bhutan shares the border with China in north and India in East, West and South sides. This tranquil nation is only carbon-negative country rendering the perfect skip from polluted Metropolis of the world. The calming weather, freshest air, the marvelous natural and artificial creation is what you will observe in this serene nation.

    Bhutan is the perfect blend of culture, artificial masterpiece, and amazing landscapes topped with that soulful hospitality of the Bhutanese people. The predominant religion of Bhutan is Buddhism followed by Hinduism. The capital city of Bhutan, Thimpu is the largest city and renders some of the deep rooted rich culture and traditions of Bhutanese people.

    Bhutan is rich in many areas, some of them being the religion, Buddhism. This country exhibits untouched and unspoiled Buddhist culture, tradition and monasteries. You will fall in love instantly with the Buddhist monasteries as they stand tall and proud for your pleasure.  This amazing nation do not fails to surprise you with its landscapes and biodiversity it renders. In fact, the presence of steep and high mountains, crossing the swift rivers topped with the exquisite geography simply takes your breath away.  The equally diverse ecology and climatic conditions facilitates the diverse flora and fauna in this amazing nation.

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    If you are tired of seeing snow everyday or simply you wish to skip the scorching heat from sun, than Bhutan is for you.  The moderate climate with the five seasons namely summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring offers all the choices to plan your trip in this dazzling nation. Furthermore, different parts of Bhutan experiences different climatic condition.  There is heavy monsoon in the western part, southern part experiences hot humid summers and cool winters in the central and eastern region.

    If you are wandering what to expect in terms of natural and artificial beauty, then there is nothing to worry about.  Bhutan has got everything from natural attraction to artificial magnificence. Thimpu has largest statue of Buddha made of bronze and gilded in gold. Then there is National Memorial Chorten near this stunning statue. The whirling prayer wheels and reciting prayers are just about everywhere. And how can you miss the Tiger Nest, the alluring monastery lying at the cliff0side of the upper Paro valley. Puynakha Dzong, Zuri Dzong Hike, Gangtey Valley and Bumthang Vallet are other awe-inspiring destinations that Bhutan renders to the nature and adventure lovers from all around the world.


    Bhutan is equally rich in its offering of the cuisines. The national dish of Bhutan Ema datshi, is the spicy dish of cheese and chilies and must not be missed anyone. The Bhutan is the first country to ban the tobacco under Tobacco Act of 2010, so fresh and pure air is guaranteed.

    Bhutanese Culture

    The most prominent thing that Bhutan has succeeded to preserve is its culture and tradition. From peculiar national dress for men and women to the Bhutanese language, nothing seem to have forgotten as pupil will be seen wearing their unique dress just about everywhere. The cultural activities that you can exhibit are mask dance, dance dramas and pure traditional music. Bhutan has another peculiar culture as men are required to go to the wife’s house after marriage.

    Bhutan is full of surprises as you can encounter numbers of mind boggling fascination in this small yet alluring kingdom.  There is plethora of tourism activities in this fascination kingdom to choose from. The tourism activities available are:

    • Bird Watching
    • Flora and Fauna
    • Kayaking and Rafting
    • Meditation & Retreat
    • Hot Spring Therapy
    • Trekking
    • Cycling
    • Festivals